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Welcome to lath and plaster!

I’m a procrastinator in my personal life.  I often wake up on trash day to the sound of the truck rolling down the street.  I fling back the covers, throw on whatever footwear is lying around (even if they are 5 sizes too big) and race out the back door in hopes of lugging the recycling and trash bins out in time.  The gentlemen on the truck are nice enough to smile and wave as I stand in the driveway, panting, disheveled, and soaking wet because even though I live in the Pacific Northwest I have neglected to don a raincoat. I stand there, oh so pleased that I have once again beat the clock.

Time and time again I have said that I would start a blog about the many home improvement projects I have attempted or hope to attempt.  Like putting out the garbage bins, I kept saying I would get to it later.

It’s later alright.

So here it goes. . . .

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  1. Ian says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere Zara! Sounds like you’re having fun with your projects, I like the fact that you’re too busy living to be overly organised!

    A Young House Love fan too I see!
    See ya around Zara!

    p.s.Give me a shout if you ever get stuck on a project (I too am writing about home improvement stuff, from a contractors POV)

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